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Berlin, 18. April

The 4th evacuation convoi of EvacuAid has begun: destination is the Donbas. We are bringing people to safety from Kramatorsk region before the expected large-scale Russian offensive begins. 

In Kramatorsk regiion, among other places, there are still many immobile people in need of care in their homes. They urgently need support to escape. Among these are primarily people with femoral neck fractures and Parkinson's disease, paralysed or blind ones, elderly people. 
Today we have started the first intra-Ukrainian evacuations to bring these people to safe evacuation centres we organize.
On 27 April Evacuaid will board estimated 500 people in 9 buses, including a tour bus with 22 beds, in the east of Ukraine. We want to bring them to saftey in Germany, where they will also receive medical and psychological care. We are cooperating with the Ukrainian municipalities on the one hand, being supported especially again by the City Military Administration of Kyiv, and with the German government on the other with regard to accommodation and care on arrival. 
For donations: Depending on how evacuations are going on in the Donbas region, we are still underfunded for this tour and urgently need another 100.000 €! 
As we are carrying out the evacuations with the focus and goal of saving human lives in Ukraine, security regarding the financing of the further upcoming tours is also our goal. We therefore need and request large donations with the goal of a total of one million € to:

For huge donations please contact in our team Jeannette von Wolfersdorff via!

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